Greetings from my side and we meet again. Please let me take a moment and tell you how awesome you guys are. My last article rocked and I am so grateful to you all. So much so that I'm posting another one so early. Well for the first time readers Hello I'm Viman,18,from India. To each one of you clicking this article I sincerely hope you are having a brilliant day.

Job fills pocket. Adventure fills soul

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Travelling is in veins of our generation. It is really personal in a way but yet a common bucket-list wish for us. But solitaire travelling is reaching new heights in terms of popularity and personally I feel it is more important/liberating for girls than for boys.

Now,now hold your horses I'm going to main topic. Here are 5 reasons why everyone should backpack alone atleast once:-

a) Liberating Experience

- We all need to break out of our self-doubt and get that right amount of confidence to live life positively. It can be lonely and unsettling not to have anyone else around for backup. But being able to get yourself out of jam can give you new sense of faith in your resourcefulness.

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b) Try out What you Want

- You don't have to go according to the wishes of a group rather you can try out activities or visit specific places, restaurants,cafe that you have been longing to try out.

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c) Set your own schedules

- Personally it is really difficult for me to get up according to someone else's time as it feels like a burden but when I'm alone , I can follow my own pace and have time to carry out everything according to my own schedule rather than preferences of a group.

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d) Get to meet new people

- I remember reading this in every new year resolution article that you guys want to make new friends. Well here is the chance with solo travelling you can find your friends in locals or your fellow travelers; both can be resourceful. Locals can suggest you some exciting place to dine in or visit and with fellow mates you can share your food and hostel expenses; maybe you can enter a solo travel club with them.

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e) Treat your soul

- Most importantly it helps you get in touch with your soul. When you are away from your family and friends; your daily problems you have time to focus on yourself and get in touch with your surroundings or just need a break from something crucial.
( As you know there is trend of solitaire travelling before marriage. One last freedom fling if you will call it )

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I hope you enjoyed reading it. So, guys I'm starting this series of " 5 reasons/ways why " just like this one and If you like the idea please drop me a message. Stay tune and thank you again for clicking.
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