Hi angels!
Reading is probably the best way to travel when you can't or don't have a lot of money .
I think my all time favorite books would be poetries, they always find the perfect words for everything.

Enjoy xx

1. Milk and honey

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- By Rupi Kaur

2. Note to self

Poetry and autobiography
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-By Connor Franta

3. The sun and her flowers

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-By Rupi Kaur

4. Le passager by Patrick Sénécal

Horror and police novel , as you can tell it's French but a good alternative would be any books of Stephen King. If you want to buy the French book you can easily find it on amazon.

5. I'll give you the sun

Young adult fiction
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-By Jandy Nelson

I'm sorry if there's some mistake, English isn't my birth language but thank you for taking the time to read ! if you want to see more article in the futur make sure to follow me here on we heart it xx