Hey, everyone! So, I live in Tennessee, and I was out of school every day for the last week due to snow. Well, now it's Saturday night. I had to work all day, and I had homework due tonight. Yes, I had all week to do it, but I was SO unmotivated. This is very unlike me, and I was able to take care of it, so I thought I'd share my tips for studying and becoming motivated to do homework because they really are helpful, in my opinion. Enjoy!

✧ Find somewhere comfortable to work ✧
The most important thing for me is just being comfortable while trying to finish work or learn something. I have a big, comfy dish chair in my bedroom that I like to sit in with a blanket and pillow. Or, if I want to be REALLY comfortable, I cuddle up in bed (although that usually leads to accidental naps, so be careful).

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✧ Listen to calming, instrumental music ✧
If you have a noisy family or have trouble focusing, this really helps. Plug in some earbuds and find an instrumental playlist on Spotify, YouTube, etc. Personally, I like piano and movie score playlists. It has also been proven that listening to classical music can boost memory, reduce stress, fight depression, and spark creativity.

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✧ Find something to look forward to ✧
I think this is one of the most important and helpful things you can do. Instead of just thinking, "Ugh, I have to do this homework," try thinking about all the things you can do when you're done. For example: "When I'm done writing this essay and studying for my algebra test, I can watch my favorite show on Netflix." See the difference? Instead of procrastinating, you'll be more likely to work or study so that you can do what you want to do as soon as possible.

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✧ Don't take breaks unless you HAVE to ✧
I'm talking, don't stop unless you have to go to the bathroom or you're having a family emergency. The more you stop, the longer it's going to take, and the more interest / focus you're going to lose. I find it easier and better just to stay put and keep working the entire time until I'm done.

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✧ Set a timer ✧
If you really can't get motivated to do anything (like how I was today), give yourself a set amount of time to do something. Set a timer on your phone, press start, and begin working. This really worked for me. I gave myself 30 minutes to write an opinion response essay, and I finished it in 20. Even if you can't complete your task in the amount of time you gave yourself, you'll still have a lot more done than you did before. This is really helpful if you're getting close to a due date.

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✧ Understand that it's going to be worth it in the end ✧
Studying and doing homework aren't the most fun things to do in the world, but they really do benefit you and your education. Even if your assignments are only worth a few points, they may greatly benefit your grade in the end. You'll also have the opportunity to see what you do and do not understand about the topic(s) you're learning. You'll thank yourself later!

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Thanks so much for reading! I hope it helps if you're struggling! Good luck, you're awesome, and I believe in you! XO