the cover image was taken by me :)

I don’t find sunrise and sunset photographs cliché at all. Okay maybe they are but...

Have you stood up at 6:30 AM just to stare and drool at a sunrise?

Have you ever smell that fresh morning aroma at 7:00 AM?

Have you enjoyed the relaxing sound of silence (and perhaps some birds chirping) at 7:09 AM?

Hadn't you had an awful day and at 6:27 PM watch how the sun goes down and notice how slowly your sadness or whatever is wrong disappears?

Why wouldn’t you want to take a picture of this amazing moment (and post it)?

Even though these details will be kept inside your head, every sunrise and sunset is different, special, and unique.

I just had to say that :)

You have reached the end of this article...

Thank you very much for reading my opinion♡