hey babes, i wanted to make this to break down some self-care tips that are really helpful in your everyday life. message me if you have any questions or if you need to talk!♡

drink water

hydration will keep you alive, healthy, and functioning to your best ability!

make it a routine to drink a glass of water whenever you can and always carry a water bottle with you. you will always feel good and rejuvenated

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eat fruits

even if it's a simple apple or banana, eating fruits will have many benefits for you. not only will it keep your skin glowing but it will also prevent you from eating unhealthy foods when you feel hungry.

slice up the fruit(s) of your choice, put them in a bowl and enjoy!

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if you don't like straight up fruit, parfaits are perfect

keep moisturized

drinking water will do half the trick but moisturizing not only your body but your face as well.

breakouts can form from dry skin since your skin tries to compensate for the lack of moisture and ends up creating oil that clogs your pores. to prevent this, wash your face twice a day and follow up with a moisturizer.

after getting out of the shower, applying some sort of lotion or body cream to your legs and arms will definitely help your skin a lot. it will soothe the skin especially after shaving and keep it smooth and glowing

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smiling will relax your facial muscles and make you feel somewhat better. you'll feel positive and others will feel nice about seeing you smile

projecting a smile from the inside will make you feel better on the inside and outside; keeping you motivated at all times. stay positive!

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do things that make you happy

go for a jog, meet someone, try something new, call a friend-- do something that encourages a good emotion for you

this differs from all people so try coming up with things that you like and pursue them!

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