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1. moisturizer

applying moisturizer to your face will give natural shine to your skin make it healthy and all that nice stuff

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2.lip balm/chapstick

you gotta have nice and soft lips girl, nobody likes someone with crusty ass lips.

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3. foundation and concealer

now that you are all soft like a baby, what you wanna do is apply foundation to your face with a flat top brush, because the brush is flat on the top it will push the product onto your skin and give a natural cute redness. as for concealer apply with your fingers because when you are doing that you are helping the blood flow in your face.

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4. bronzer and highlight

i looove bronzer, as for hightlight i do not wear it everyday but when i do people say i look like a glowing godess so you should wear it. grab a big ass fluffy brush and apply your bronzer under the cheekbone, close to the neck, sides of the forehead and a trick to look like you just came out of the beach is to apply it as a quick horizontal line from one cheek to the nose to the other cheek, it looks amazing i swear. apply the highlighter on top of those cheekbones, tip of the nose and cupids bow.

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i never have draw my eyebrows, i just dont like the look, i already have dark and thick eveybrows, but, i do like my eyebrows to look nice and neat so what i did was i had this old mascara i didnt use, i just cleaned the brush and now i use it to brush my eyebrows.

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apply mascara on your lashes specially on the ends of it.

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choose your favorite lipstick apply it onto your lips and blend it with your ring finger while doing the duck face so it looks cute.

thats it, xo