Hello, it's Sam.
since one of my goals this year is to save money, be smart with money and budgeting, i did a small research on that, and here i'll write down some tips that may help me reach my goal and hopefully help you too.

1. Be Realistic and Smart

With any goal you have to be realistic for you to stick with the process!
start with writing down your income and outcome
and based on these numbers you'll be making your weekly budget.
You have to know the difference between wants and needs
what you need will always come first (such as food, water, energy...) ,if theres some money left, you can spend it on wants .

2. Savings

The moment you get your paycheck cut an amount of it (big or small amount; this depends on your income and budget for that month), then transfer it to a saving account.
Having savings will help you reach your goals, or help you incase of an emergency.

3.Divide your Budget Among your Different Budget Categories

This called "the envelope method,or system" and the envelope budgeting system is very tangible. you use cold hard cash to control your spending and when you run out, you stop spending. (via www.moneycrashers.com )
There's more to this method than i can write but for e.g. let's say you spend $20 on food per day, so you get an envelope full with 20's for this week (if you budget every week) so now this envelope will contain $140 , you can spend $20 a day right? but if you spend lets say $25 one day that means there will be a day where you're only allowed $15, and if you spend on one day $15 while all the other days you stick with the $20 then at the end of the week you saved $5 ...

4. Use Coupons and Gift Cards

As cheesy as this sounds but it actually save you a lot of money

Thank you so much, i hope you enjoyed reading this and found if helpful.
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