Hey Guys! Hope you all doing great.

I'm here with a message for you. I just saw an article about this project and I immediately wanted to participate in it. Then @delhusion wrote to me and it was motivation enough to do it.

Here in Puerto Rico the wealth of the animals are not priority. Don't get me wrong, I love being Puerto Rican but I'm not blinded by my nationality, I always point with my finger the wrong things that happened in here. And this is one of them.

I recently did an investigation of animal abuse in Puerto Rico and the United States. The investigation conclude with the fact that people who abuse of animals most of the time don't have the feeling of the empathy and are desensitized by an experience of violence in his home. This means that they are not mentally stable.

This investigation gave me a tool for a future more detail investigation. I'm considering keep doing research about this important topic, and at the same time looked for other possible solutions to these problem that keeps growing.

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My Experience With Animals

I have seven birds, two dogs and a rooster.

The seven birds are here because of my father. He just love birds. One of the dogs, Peluche, he is in here since I remember. He is like my brother.
The rooster... well. I rescue the rooster after Hurricane Maria. He was just a little chick and his mother died during the hurricane. We found him the day after the Hurricane and we gave him food and a shelter. Now he is a big and a healthy rooster.

The other dog was rescue by my sister and I. We found her on the road to our way home. She was really thin and thirsty. We try to locate the owners since the law in here requires after you take with you an abandoned animal. And we try it but no one appear. So now we have a Hibernus in our big family. It happened after the Hurricane.

Because that's another reason that keeps me looking for solutions to the problem. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico a lot of people are leaving the island and going to the US. But at the same time, most of the people abandoned their animals in the streets and then leave Puerto Rico.

So you can imagine the big problem that we have in here. Everywhere in the roads you see dozens of animals looking for the car who abandoned them. And that breaks my heart. I try to help giving them food and water, but the reality is that I can't have them all in my house. I wish I could.

The shelters are full and can't accept more animals. The government is doing nothing about it. They didn't even have a number of how many animals died during Hurricane Maria. And that bothers me a lot.

I can't take it anymore. As a college girl I can't do much about it. I just can help giving them food and helping the organizations that needed. Doing research to try to find a solution. But that's all.

We have to find a solution to make a balance in the nature. We have to support the equality of the species. We all deserve the right to have a plenty life. We all have the right to be free.

So, what are you waiting for? This movement can change the world dramatically. We do not ask you to sacrifice for this cause, we ask your support and your help. Because if we are more, we can stop the animal abuse or minimize it.

I'm going to do it.

Do you?