The hardest and most underrated thing in the world is loving yourself. Even though there is always some pillow saying that that’s what you have to do and that’s what you hear in a lot of songs like Love Yourself by Hailee Steinfled. People around you are telling you all the time to embrace who you are... then why is it so hard to just go and love yourself?
When it comes to me, I have always been a person with high self esteem. Even when I’ve got bullied during Elementary School. People used to say I was a “weird kid”, because I wore glasses and braces, and it’s unbelievable the impact that being called ugly everyday can make in a children’s life. Even after that, I still could feel like a beautiful girl and I used to be very happy about my body, until the year of 2017.
At the age of 16, I found myself getting paranoid over my body. Regardless the fact that I have always been considered skinny by society, this fact alone wasn’t enough to make me feel enough. It's hard to think of yourself as an attractive person when you're surrounded by so much daily aesthetic pressure. And it’s incredibly important to anyone to feel wanted and interesting.
All of a sudden, I wasn’t my dad’s princess or my mom’s little girl anymore. I was just an unhappy soul trapped in an useless, ugly, imperfect body. It used to be a torture to open my Instagram feed. I felt like crying every single time I faced a Victoria’s Secret Angel selfie. I used to spend hours admiring their perfect skin, thin waist, big booty and gorgeous hair. I kept on asking myself why I, among so many pretty girls, was so... flawed.
Nowadays, most of teenagers are social media users, like me, and that should not be a problem. Technology was created with the intent of making our lives easier. To connect people all around the world, to blend cultures and to show diversities, but the question is... does it really make you feel like that?
It's all set up to make us compare ouselves with unreal people all the time. It's all set up to make you feel like it's not alright to just be your real self. It's automatic. It's unavoidable to wonder how someone's reality can be so perfect and you end up trying to make your life fit into an inexistent truth. And that's so unfair with you.
Perfect lives do not exist. Neither do perfect people. Even though people only share happy moments, travel photos, smiles and victories, that's not what their lives are all about. They are just like you, they are just like me. Real people, with real problems. insecurities, fears, a lot of feelings and bad days.
Stop fighting this insane battle against yourself. Wheter you’re jealous about someone’s life, body, partner, house, or anything else. Please, don’t hate the skin you live in. Please, don’t hate the life whose you’re the protagonist. Don’t you think that you’re not beautiful or worthy just because you don’t look the same as Kylie Jenner. Who says you can’t just be you? With all your virtues and flaws? With all your good and bad days? With or without stretch marks, cellulitis, localized fat, small breasts and every single thing you hate about yourself, because society wants you to hate them?
You’re enough. You’re worthy. You don’t have to be skinny to be healthy, much less beautiful. You’re your unique self and that’s what makes you beautiful. Don’t compare your reality to someone else’s online life. Don’t compare your real body to someone else’s photoshopped, edited, fake picture in a bikini. Let yourself be, let yourself live, let yourself breathe. This life is yours and you’re able to achieve anything you want to. Isn’t that exciting as fuck?
I'll be back soon with another article. Don't miss me too much!
Xoxo, Luiza.

P.S.: The lady in the picture is not me, but that's a stunning smile, isn't it?