This is my favorite meal during the day, but I don't like eating when I wake up... I usually wait some time (like 30 minutes) and then finally I have breakfast!
Every day I try to change what I eat but my favorite thing at all is orange juice bc it is really fresh and energize.
Sometimes I eat a yogurt or a fruit like banana or strawberries. When I want something more tasty I have waffles or pancakes.

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It is quite similar every day: I have 60gr of brown pasta and then vegetables with some fish or white meat. And of course at the end fruit.

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During winter I like having tea, but during spring or summer my favorite thing is having fruit or some smoothies.

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It is very similar to lunch but, instead of 60gr of brown pasta, I just have 50gr.
And then of course some vegetables with again fish or white meal. Only sometimes I eat cheese (like ricotta or mozzarella).

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Before going to bed I drink chamomile just to relax.

Hope you like it xx, let me know hat you think about this type of articles and I'll try to be more active till today!!! THX