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This is the 10th day of 15 Days Writing Challenge and well, this day is reserved for a book review! I personally am happy about having this task, although, I don't know how good I'll be, for I'm not some very skilled writer and the book I'll be reviewing is pretty special, so, hope this will come out alright!

Annddd here we go!

Day 10: Write a book review

Paulo Coelho - Alchemist

I finished reading this book just a few hours ago and I couldn't decide how did I feel. This book is something else. It's the best piece I read in my life.

The main character, Santiago, which name we don't know off until the epilogue, is a shepherd who spends his days taking care of his many sheep. He feeds them, makes sure they're well and travel from place to place with them. Paulo tells us that Santiago became shepherd because he wanted to travel and meet new people. He knew how to read, even though it was a rare skill to have for a shepherd.

I like the way Paulo presented his character. He was a man who couldn't find another way to fulfill his passion, so he settled for the closest thing to it. Shepherds traveled. They didn't sit in one place. It was a sacrifice he made, even though he could've been someone with a better position and social status, he decided to do something that will fulfill his soul, not his pockets.

So, Santiago's days were simple and so similar that he fell into a routine and he was never satisfied with his life and himself. I guess that he always knew that he was meant and capable of more He liked to tell people his stories and he had a special liking for a girl whose father was buying a wool from him.

From this scene, I noticed how much life and energy Santiago carried for the world and life. He was meant for much greater things.

Two nights in the row, Santiago dreamed the same dream about pyramids and some kind of treasure. He was sleeping in an old and destroyed monastery under a tree.

The day that changed his life drastically was the day he met one old man who presented himself as a King. He said that Santiago had two dreams in a row for a reason and that that was a sign. A sign to be something more. To find a reason for his life and to go to see pyramids and find a treasure like it was meant to be.

And he did. He gave everything he had so that he'd be able to go and follow his dreams. He was robbed, beaten up and faced death so many times. But Santiago listened to the signs that nature was sending him. He met a lot of people learned from: like an English guy who was also looking for his personal legend; a guy who knew what he was meant to do but never had a courage to do so, a love of his life, a woman named Fatima and an alchemist who showed him how to unite with nature and showed him how to appreciate and see the good in everything around him and listen to what his heart had to say. I loved how you can find something wise on every page, how you can relate to Santiago's struggles and inner battles with himself.

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I felt so in peace when I finished this book and I was smiling like a total lunatic. I felt as if I'm capable of getting all my dreams come true. I felt as if I know much more about the world now and it was very easy to believe in Paulo's words.

He says that we're all made from the same Hand and that we're all connected even though most of us aren't aware of that. There is something soothing about that. He teaches us that the people that don't follow their dreams are empty and will never be happy and satisfied with their lives. Just how Santiago wasn't, until he met the king.

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I think that he is definitely an artist that the world will remember and appreciate for eternity. His work is unique and exceptional. He tells us things that we need to hear and slaps us back to reality while also telling us that we should dream and believe in ourselves. The world needs more people like Coelho.

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I won't spoil the book anymore for those who want to read it. I hope that you liked this article and if you did, I'd appreciate it very much if you'd leave me a heart. (lol) Thank you for sticking with this article until the end!

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