So every single day of 2017 has followed the quote "be blessed not stressed," right?
I can't say that for me because I had learned such a strong lesson half way through the year which was definitely an adventure. I was not the best person I could be in the first half of 2017. I was immature and idolizing the wrong people, I didn't have good business goals. Luckily (it sure sounds weird to be using that word), I got grounded by my dad. He took away my phone and my computer. So, that is partially the reason I didn't / couldn't post to much BUT, it was definitely a point of realization and self discovery. I realized that I wasn't doing the right things and my dad had asked me why I did all of those things and I noticed I didn't know why I did those things. I probably would of stopped earlier if what I was doing "stopped working for me", because the reason I hadn't stopped sooner was that I assumed everything in my life was running smoothly and that I was happy. The thing is, once I was forced to look back on my life, I wasn't happy, I wasn't satisfied with what I had done. But I was satisfied with what I had learned.
I learned that I didn't want to be someone that the public reflected as "cool." Because I had thought that "Oh, if you're like getting all these DMs from, like, 17 yo guys, everyone likes you." I don't know why I thought that I really think that now, that is the most stupidest thing ever. The only person who measures your beauty and your confidence and your "coolness" is you. Don't fall into that trap where whatever people think of you is what you are. Also I hadn't realized that my friends kept pointing that out to me. But it took someone who is more important to me, my dad, to show me that.
On a different note, I wanted to put some resolutions for me and maybe you to follow on your 2018 journey.

I ) Try New Things: Daily Harvest Smoothies, Almond / Coconut Milk, Relaxing my Mind, Crystal Shopping, Straightening my Hair, Five Minute Journal, etc.

II ) Focus on the Donut, Not the Hole: Focus on What You Have, Not What You Don't Have. No FOMO.

III ) Don't Stress: You'll Have to Go Through it Anyway.

IV ) Morning Things: Actually Make My Bed, Drink a Smoothie or Tea Everyday, Eat a Wholesome Breakfast, etc.

V ) Shutup and Listen: Everyone in One Way is Superior to You. They Know at Least One Thing That You Don't Know. I Think it is a Great Way to Fulfill Your Want for Knowledge.

VI ) Consistency is Key: This Applies to Every Single Aspect of Life. Working Out, Eating, Making Friends. It's All the Things That Lead Up to One Thing.

VII ) Remind Yourselves of What You're Grateful For: Especially on the Bad Days. Like Meeting Someone New at the Grocery Store.

VIII ) Play Off of the Good: Let it Fill You Up.

I know this was such a preachy and "way to into it" type of blogpost but let me know if you like things like this. It's not like the most revolutionary stuff but I like it, I hope you keep reading this throughout the year. I don't know, goodbye I guess?
Oh, wait! I wanted to mention that I did get back on the 6th from Bali, Manchester, Liverpool, London, and Paris. I needed some time to unpack which is why this post was a little late. Anyways, XO Anoushka.