Enough of being sad. Enough of not giving yourself enough credit. Enough of putting yourself down. It is a new year. A new you... cliche ik lol. This has some truth to it though. It gives you a new mindset. A new purpose to live out in your every day life. It is something to hold on to when you don't know what to do. Something that lifts your spirit up a little higher. There are so many things that are waiting for you out there, somewhere... you just have to keep looking. Just continue to do you. Don't take in anything that is not positive. Nothing that is good for your soul. Nothing that helps you grow as a person. Nothing,nothing that is not what you want or nothing that you do not want to be a part of. Don't be with people who suppress you. Don't be with people who aren't there for you when you truly need it. Don't be with people who only like you when it. is convenient for them. This is the year to be HAPPY. NOTHING BUT HAPPY. DON'T LOOK BACK. GO BE A BAD CHICK. LIVE YOUR LIFE...TO THE MAX! HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT. AND SLAY!THERE IS NO PATH TO HAPPINESS. HAPPINESS IS THE PATH.

-from a high school girl xoxo