Hey guys I am Aya again and I am back with a new article ..actually I am in a holiday which will last for two weeks I will try posting a lot of articles because I have a lot of ideas I want to do

For sure traveling is so fun and everyone loves traveling especially another countries because concerning my perspective I see visiting other countries make the person in a great touch with the other culture and Customs and traditions of the other people ...as we all know that every country has it's own culture ...and as a lot know the civilization of the pharaohs..EGYPT.

I will gonna take you in a journey to this charming country

One of the oldest tourist destinations in the world, Egypt and its collection of world-famous ancient sites and legendary national treasures have been wowing the crowds for centuries. Beauty is of course is subjective but Egypt isn’t short on places that could be considered very beautiful. Here is my list of 5 of the most beautiful places to visit in Egypt


city, egypt, and landmarks image
Stanley Bridge Over the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria.
egypt image
Alexandria Library
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A building
beautiful, egypt, and alexandria image
Fort qaitbey
alexandria, egypt, and sunset image
Beaches at the sunset


The capital of Egypt ،The city that has carried out many revolutions is calling for justice.

Cairo is the capital and largest city of Egypt. The city's metropolitan area is the largest in the Middle East and the Arab world, and the 15th-largest in the world.

Here is some places you can visit in Cairo:

egypt image
Mosque of Muhammad Ali
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THe castle
egypt, cairo tower, and tour du caire image
cairo tower

3) sharm el sheikh :

The city of Sharm el-Sheikh was named by UNESCO as the city of peace, and the reason that it held many conferences and meetings on a just peace among nations.

Literally it is a charming city with all it's land marks and here is some places you can see there :

fish image sharm excursions, day tours from sharm, and sharm el sheikh tours image beach, egypt, and palms image egypt image

4) Hurghada:.

Hurghada is a city in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt. It is one of the country's main tourist centers...hurghada has a warm winter.

Here is some places to visit there:

sunset, hurghada, and redsea image
At the sunset
hurghada tours and hurghada excursions image
Snorkling in hurghada
egypt, Red Sea, and hurghada image
The Red Sea Resorts in Hurghada, Egypt.
bay, egypt, and Hot image
At night

5) The River Nile:

is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, and is commonly regarded as the longest river in the world, though some sources cite the Amazon River as the longest.

Here is some pic :

beautiful, nile, and river image
beautiful, blue, and boat image
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Felucca at Aswan
egypt, nile, and river image


Egypt at night

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Egypt At night - Hotel four season
cairo and night image
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Khan el khalili

Absolutely no one could forget the pharaohs but I won't mention it cause we all know

in the end of the article I hope Egypt will be your next destination
thanks for reading