How do you know it’s your time to blossom? How do you know you are ready for it?
I think it’s time we face reality and befriend it, don’t you think?
I think it’s so beautiful and precious to know that at ANY moment there’s NOTHING psychically stopping you from going after your dream but your mind. So tell me are you ready to fight for it, cry for it, sacrifice for it, scream for it? Can you see it when you close your eyes? it’s right in front of your eyes, it’s already alive in your mind that means it’s possible and you are capable of achieving it.

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If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Do you even know what your dream is? if no, you must be asking yourself how to find out. My advice is to dream more and learn more, one day it will come to you, maybe that day is today , don’t be afraid to dream big.

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“It all starts with a dream.”

They say , but what if you too many dreams and don’t know which one to chase, what if they all seem unreachable, at least for you? Do you ever ask yourself what are you doing here? are you here to leave a mark or to wander around, lost, like a ghost your whole life? Do you ever truly find your purpose? What if you spend your whole life thinking you’ve found your purpose only to discover it was never your destiny? What if you’re the next Tesla but you talk yourself down thinking you’re ‘not smart enough’ or what if you spend your whole life thinking you’re the next Tesla but one day you’re 70 and you realize that your ego fooled you and you’re far from it. How do you know your thinking is right and not fooling you?

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I’m sitting in a pitch black room, I can see a little bit of sunshine coming from a small hole in the wall, I don’t dare getting close to it thinking it might burn me if I try to touch it [ since I’ve never been out in the sun ].

Now the dark room represents my thoughts [talking me out of going after my dreams/passions]. Sunshine coming from a small hole in the wall represents positivity and my dreams [ seeing my dream/passion ] and me not daring to come close to it represents my insecurities [ fear of putting myself out there and fear of rejection and failure ].
Will you ever find courage to go after your dreams/passions or are you going to stay being a prisoner of your mind you’re whole life? Are you ready to conquer the world? Are you ready to change your life?
If you’re looking for a sign, this is it, this second is the moment your journey begins, so take a deep breath and walk with confidence. Your life is changing as you’re reading this, are you ready to allow blessing to come into your life?
Do you feel it? do you feel the air around you, the ground you’re standing on, the words you are reading, your heartbeat, your blood flowing through your body? Can you feel this moment, live in it, feel it? Can you hear the world calling out for you, screaming your name, again and again? Can you hear your dream/passion calling your name, he’s ready and so are you! Take a deep breath and GO! JUST DO IT! START RIGHT NOW! RUN IT! I believe in you, you can do it!

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This post will be here tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade and you can always come back and read it again if you need motivation to start or if you just need a little reminder.
I love you and I encourage you to start this very moment working on your dreams! you can do it, rock star!

- let me know if you like this kind of posts and if i shoud do more of them

xoxo T;