I miss you, I really do. I always wonder if you feel the same. if you miss the constant laughs and huge smiles we had when we were together, or how we basically lived at each others houses and shared parents. Do you ever think about me? Do you ever think about all the memories we shared and how much we meant to each other and how we let something change all of that. In the past year, we just grew apart, and fought, and gave each other hell. We found other people and moved on. You didn't need me anymore. You found another person to rely on, and call your best friend. I mean nothing to you now. Its crazy how the one person you thought would always love you for who you are, could make you the most insecure,anxiety ridden, and hurt you've ever been. But I still thank you. I thank you for all the memories and being my best friend for 6 years. You'll always have a special place in my heart, no matter how much you hurt me. I will always love you and care about you.