We are made up of stories. Some of them are incredibly awesome, others are just no worth telling. We are made up of people. They hurt us and they make us better, they lie to us and they protect us, they are good to us, maybe they are bad. Some might leave a huge mark on us, while others just come as a light breeze. Then they leave.

We are made up of experiences... places and second chances, we all deserve second chances. We are "ourselves and our circumstances"

The thing is that we shouldn't regret anything we do, everything that's happened to us is a part of us, has made us to be what we actually are today, and that's all what matters. Perhaps, you don't want to remember any story of yours, it's so painful it still hurts even though it's been a long time... trust me, in the end, those stories are the ones that have made you stronger, that define your character. Don't let your mistakes define you, you are all good things, bad things are just passengers, they should cast into obivlion.