Everyone is an individual. Maybe you can insert some ideas of mine in your bucket list or maybe I can inspire you to follow your goals and things YOU want to do

➳ because no one is more important than you are even when you love someone beyond everything you should always remind yourself that you are important and deserve to be happy all your life and you deserve to do what you want!

Wear this red statement piece

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And feel as confident in it as when I wear that oversized old sweatshirt. When you wear red it draws so much attention to you and I really wanna dare it

Have a nose piercing

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A tiny little ring or a nostril. I think it's fun and can be cute

Raise my voice

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Fight for my rights, fight for whats right, fight for something I stand in for and that represents my mindset

Eat more macarons in Paris, France

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I swear I will eat tons of macarons when I'm visiting France again - miss it!

And drink more mojitos in Barcelona, Spain

drink, summer, and mojito image Image by Lidor
Ahh I love mojitos and cocktails

Master the art of the perfectly taken selfie

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So many beautiful, cool pictures online but I can't take one good looking photo of me - unfair

Buy myself a bouquet of roses

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I love love love roses. So why don't buy some from me for me?

Have a job i really like

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I struggle really hard to follow my interests and I can't even imagine to go to an university some day or to have to work for the rest of my life but I hope someday I'll find something I can work on

enjoy the present moment, don't worry about the past and future

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I often forget what's happening in this moment when all I can think of is the past or future. I forget all the things I could do now and so, I miss the present moment

That was my first article and I really hope you like it and if so, I would like to hear your thoughts about my article and should I write more articles?

Be happy, be you, be kind
Lots of love, Elise