Hello World and welcome back to an other article by me.I know that i haven't write any articles for a long time (because i didn't have enough time..thanks to school lol )but fortunately i found a little spare time today for writing this article which is about school.(so ironic)

I don't know when you get your school grades,but as far as i am concered,i get my grades in the beggining of February..The most stressful period throughout the school year has begun and won't finish until February 6 (aka the ''grade day'').

Every year i promised to myself that i wouldn't be anxious that day..but I did never keep my promise..

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However,i never give up and i'll try to keep my ''school'' promise this year.Without more boring and useless info,ladies and gentlemen,I have the pleasure to present you the reasons why i and you shouldn't care very much about grades and school in general.

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Disclaimer: I write this article to help some students understand that life doesn't include ONLY the school.I'm not trying to prevent students from studying.

1) No one is perfect

I know,i know..it's too cliche but it's need to mention it because i feel like no one believes that anymore.I must to admit that although i know this is right,i can't accept it either.Many times i push myself and i try to memorize as much information as possible.You all know the tragic consequences of the endless studying.. anxiety,pressure and less sleep.I'm preety sure that you don't like at all the stuff i mentioned (and especially the ''less sleep'' one haha) so please accept that no one can be perfect in everything.Don't hurt yourself.

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2) You are NOT just a grade

You have probably heard this one a thousand times in your life and you will probably hear it again.Have you ever wondered why lots of people ''adopted this phrase in their vocabulary'' though?If not,then i will tell you a secret.They use and believe that,because honesthy grades can't define you.You are not a grade sweetheart.You are an intelligent,lovely,kind and beautiful person who doesn't need high grades and compliments by teachers.So,please try to not care about grades very much and not ''destroy'' your mental health.

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3) Will this matter in 5 years?

It's the simpliest one.Just ask yourself this question.''Will this matter in 5 years?'' No,it won't matter, so it's no need to be stressed about school (and about anything) because no one will ever ask you anything about grades (except if there are more weird and annoying people than me in 5 years haha).

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4) School doesn't know your intelligence

You maybe think that all the good students are very smart..basically you probably believe that they are way smarter than you.But believe me,if you are thinking something like that,then you're wrong.If you can't understand the importance of some lessons or if homework seems boring to you,that doesn't mean that you are dumb.If you don't believe me though,then believe at least history. History has proved that many talented people who changed the World with their intelligence and creativity weren't very good students.So,you aren't stupid if you aren't good in everything.

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5) Why do you want to be the best in everything?

Have you ever thought of this? It's so simple but no one knows the answer or basically no one wants to learn it.We all try to be perfect in everything we do, to feel acceptable.We have been trapped in the prejudices and stereotypes of the "perfect" contemporary society that we have created and can't escape from them.We strive to become the ''perfect'' people and to meet the high expectations we have set ourselves.But what's the reason for all this? Why do we try so much to satisfy others and not ourselves?If you don't want to be the best in everything(which is pretty normal,because you can't like every thing in the World) then,don't be. Don't push yourself and don't be disappointed 'cause you are not the best in everything you do.

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So,that's it for today.I hope you enjoyed it and i also wish that i managed to show to someone that grades are not (exclusively) related to intelligence.

~I am waiting for your feedback and your reactions.Furthermore,don't be hesitant.If you want me to write for something in particular,then just send me a message.I really love to talk with you :)

Until next time,

Athέna (@_selini_)

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