Hello everyone,

This is my morning routine for the days I don't have any special appointment nor University lessons to attend, just full time studying while trying to stay healthy.

My journey actually started on my phone. I downloaded a few apps to schedule and organize everything diligently. But Bullet Journals are a great idea too. This are my essentials: TimeTune is so useful to create various routines, you can name them for example "morning routine" and track every task setting a range of time to finish them. You can also add individual appointments but for this I use an other one called DigiCalendar, it is a super cute calendar, simple, easy, it offers the possibility to set a color for every task so they look cool and almost aesthetic, it even shows you the weather!

Finally I went for Lifesum to track my diet and diary exercice as well as the amount of water I drink along the day. Remember we are looking for productivity but also to stay healthy.

Then I was ready to be a morning person.

1. Set the alarm

This actually implies actually waking up on time, of course. I set the alarm at 8 o'clock and wake up to my favourite song as soon as it rings. If you wake up quickly you'll avoid feeling lazier and lazier as time passes by.

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2. Refresh

Once I'm up the first thing I do is taking a glass of water, it's so helpful to fasten your metabolism and lose weight easier. An other useful trick is to add some lemon juice on it.

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Next I go to my bedroom and open the windows for 5-10 minutes and make my bed. Studies show that people who make they bed feel more productive and actually they end up being so much more productive for the day.

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Meanwhile my bedroom gets completly ventilated I head to the bathroom and cleance and moisturise my face. This days I'm using Glossier priming moinsturizer and Romantic Bear lip balm in blueberry scent to get a shinny hidratating touch on my lips (as I'm not going out I don't do my make up).

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An other recommendation is to avoid staying on your pyjamas, fit in a pair of wasted jeans and your favourite band's shirt so you don't feel like going back to sleep.

3. Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you get all your energy from it and if you want to be productive it is a step you CAN'T skip.

This days I'm so into oatmeal, you can prepare it in super funny and tasty ways and you'll get full while staying healthy and energized. Today for example I put some of it on a bowl next to a fruity flavoured yoghurt and some banana slices, but there are many other options!

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After that I head to brush my teeth immediatly, I'll let the cafeine shot for later, after the first hour of studying when my energy starts to drain I use the little break to prepare my favorite coffe, sweetened with honey instead of sugar and sometimes, to treat myself, I add a sparkle of cinnamon for an autumnal vibe.

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4. Check your goals for the day

Sit down quietly letting yourself enjoy the meal while checking your goals for the day (I set them the day before to avoid wasting more time), think smartly and priorize.

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Once the job is done you can go through your favourite social media, maybe post something on Instagram. But don't get too distracted and move on to the next task.

5. Get inspiration (Optional)

It can be very useful and show great results, it is also a great way to warm up.

You can write a whatever goes through your head on your diary, fins some good quotes, scroll down on WHI, Tumblr, Pinterest. To me watching some GRWM and Study with me videos on Youtube is so helpful too. One of my favorite youtubers this days are @ gemary and the korean twins @ q2han.

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6. Get your job done

Make sure you don't waste too much time on the previous steps, I try to do everything in about an hour so I can start studying around 9 a.m.

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From the previous day I always have already scheduled two short breaks for 10 minutes after every 50 minutes of intense studying (everyone have their own methods and need different periods of time).

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An other useful tips I follow are:

  • Look for a good enviroment, try to keep your studying spot clean and appealing to you, you can light some vanilla candles too for example
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  • Keep any distraction away, from your phone to anything is happening outside, I use to keep the windows closed so I don't get distracted by beautiful sunsets and aesthetic rooftops (I love em' sm)
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You, yes you, don't look at your bias, focus!
  • Create a study bubble by grabbing some earphones and playing your favorite studying playlist, to me, anything I can recognise the lyrics nor the rythm because the other way I would be humbling along with Jungkook's whistle on DNA. If music don't let you concentrate then keeping the earphones on but not playing anything can be helpful too
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  • Finally, make sure to pic a good reward after achiveing your goals, it will help you to get motivated. To read a good book or watch your favorite Netflix tv series can be so satisfying and enjoyable when you know you have your job already done.
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7. Exercice

Some people does it right after waking up, in my case I chose to do it once I'm done with my study for a reason, it helps me to move my body after a long time sitting on a chair.

This days I'm into K-Cardio (K-Pop Cardio) which is like a session of Zumba but with K-Pop bops

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I do around 30-45 minutes of exercice and then I take a cold shower with my favorite coconut shower gel.

A very useful youtube channel called @ KkardioDance, and as my personal recommendations I really enjoy their Hyuna's- How's This & Blood Sweat and Tears easy choreographies. Give it a try, it is very fun and effective.

So this is pretty much everything. I've spent a lot thinking about it and I hope it can be helpful to you too, that's why I've made the decision to share it with all of you.

Have a nice day, xx