Gosh, I love remixes.
Since I listen to music so much, and played sports and worked out all the time, I needed something to keep me going. So, I found good remixes of my favorite songs, picking ones with awesome, strong beats.
If you want to do the same, check out Soundcloud.
(my profile is https://soundcloud.com/peyton-haahr)
And no, it is not all filled with wanna-be rappers, but there are a lot of awesome remixes from teens and young people just having fun.
So click on my profile for my full playlists, but I picked a few of my favorites below.

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1. Changes - Skizzy Mars (Leon - Tired of Talking Remix); (such a good beat, and so fun to listen to)
2. New Americana - OWLK x Halsey (a great remix of an addictive song)
3. Often - Originally by the Weeknd, Ricky Cervantes Remix (this remix is almost better than the original)
4. Phase Me Out (Heavy Mellow Remix) - Verite (remix is just as good as original, I think I found it off of a TV show?)
Flosstradamus (this is so good honestly, has over 11million hits)
6. Eyes Shut (Darren Omnet Bootleg) - Matthew McDowell (a great upbeat remix of the original by Years & Years)
7. The Hills (ft. Eminem) - The Weeknd (probably one of my all-time favorite remixes, honestly so good)
8. Ocean Eyes (blackbear remix) - Billie Eilish (the original was great, but blackbear made an awesome remix here)
9. Dynasty (Elephante Remix) - MIIA (just listen, I think you'll like it)
10. Borderline - Vanic x Tove Styrke (probably one of my favorites)

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As always, thanks for reading!