*Buy roses for yourself

rose, flowers, and red image

*Eat fries made in home

food, fries, and foodporn image

*Go to the cinema alone

boy, cinema, and alone image

*Post on Facebook that you don't need anyone to be happy XD

Image by asma_98_x

*Write a letter to yourself

dark, aesthetic, and black image

*Contemplate the abyss

girl and braids image

*Dinner with yourself

funny, me, and Valentine's Day image

*Make yourself a cake that say: "Happy Birthday, I love me so much"

cake, gif, and happy birthday to me image

*Look at romantic movies and cry like a insane

beautiful, book, and movies image black and white, ryan gosling, and cinema image

*Buy many oreos

oreo image lua and fases image

*Eat much ice cream and cry because nobody loves you, but with your best friend ;)

friends, girl, and ice cream image