Lately I've been thinking a lot about my mental health.

Ever since BTS had a comeback with Love Yourself: Her I've been pondering on the meaning of this phraze.

Loving Yourself doesn't always mean being happy with yourself
In many situations it means taking basic care of yourself: sleeping, eating, cleaning.
In others it might mean enjoying something/anything and by that making yourself happier.

I think the happiest (and the most stressul) periods I have had in my life were the ones when I was a part of some fandoms. The negativity of the world was still getting to me, but I wasn't alone. I wasn't alone in a very global meaning of that world.

Right now I might think, that I'm too grown up for being a fangirl, but still, being close to a fandom is such a wonderful thing (as long as you don't stray to the toxic side)

I guess what I wanted to bring out is, that do not be ashamed of loving something very much. With baby steps and after some time the love or others will turn into love for yourself.

(Said the girl, who was diagnosed with anxiety / panic disorder, yet hasn't had a full blown panic attack now in a few month)

It all gets better <3