Stop making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself, because procrastination will get you nowhere. It may seem hard and often impossible to start, the first step often is... But once you take that first step its a hell of a lot easier to keep going. Here are some tips and tricks to quite simply get your life together.

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Organisation Is Key

This is one of the most essential and important things you can do, and trust me it will change your life. Having everything you need in specific places will save time and help you not only get stuff done faster but help you not to procrastinate or delay unnecessary time spent looking for things.

"Organising is a journey, not a destination"
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Write It Down

Writing down your dreams, goals, and business ideas helps you brainstorm on a more ambitious scale. It has been scientifically proven that just by writing something down you are more likely to achieve it. Writing down information also helps clear space in your brain and can help de-stress you as you know everything is there. Lastly writing it down can help you learn and remember more plus you won't be as distracted.

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing"
- By Benjamin Franklin
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Plan Ahead

Make sure you are well ahead and prepared for any assignments, homework etc... Like they say don't be scared, be prepared. The best way to make sure you are ready is by keeping a timetable or schedule and updating it/ looking at it every morning and night. This not only helps you stay on track but can also be very boosting and motivational knowing what you are achieving daily.

"Failing to plan, is planning to fail"
- By Alan Lakein
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Learn From Your Mistakes

Don't live in the past, whatever happened that got you in this rut, is quite simply whatever happened that got you in this rut. Every day we are reborn and have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. You only get one life, so don't look back, only look forward.

"Make mistakes, learn from them, move on."
"You do not learn anything by doing everything right"
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Go see the world. It opens your mind and heart to different cultures and ways of living. Every place you visit will teach you something new. Your soul needs time to heal and the best way to do it is by doing something you love.

"Travel far enough, you meet yourself"
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Love, K.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope yall enjoyed it! ♡

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