I wrote this article because a lot of people judge girls who forgive their boyfriend when he has cheated on her. I believe that eveyone deserve a chance to change, but only one.

It is almost a year ago that i find out that my boyfriend had cheated on me. He had been lying for it for a while and ofcourse I was very mad at him. I always thought that if I ever got cheated on, I would dump him. But eventually, I didn’t.

I hope no one wil think I am a stupid girl that let a boy use her. I just love him very deeply and I just had to give him one chance. It was very hard in the beginning and I couldn’t trust him for a while.

We are now 1 year together since and I think I made the right choice. He has changed a lot and hasn’t cheated on me since. He has a lot of regret for what he did and I’m now really happy.

For the record, I have given him is last change. If he ever cheats on me again I will dump him. I just wanted to give him a chance to change. I know I’m worth a lot more than that so I won’t let him use me.