procrastinating is such a hard thing to overcome, especially when you're extra stressed. luckily, i've found some easy ways to get through it and get your work done. hope this helps.


1. giving yourself a deadline

a deadline gives you a certain amount of time, which is helpful. knowing where you're going to stop gives you an idea of how much work you need to do. i currently have a project that has 3 parts to it and it's due soon (we've had a long time to work on it). setting a deadline for each of those parts has made me stop procrastinating.

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2. get motivated

getting motivated to do things can be hard but what could help is to stop complaining about how tired or hard it is. get up on your feet! in some cases, this might not work for people, especially if you have anxiety or overthink too much. another helpful way could be to listen to music, dance and run around the house to get you energized. if it helps, listen to music while you work. make your work fun, not torturous.

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3. make a schedule

you've probably heard this a lot but maybe you should really consider it. set certain hours to work, maybe even try to finish it if you don't feel too stressed by the end. make sure to squeeze in breaks, eating times, etc.

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4. work in a comfortable space

making sure you're comfortable while working is important, sitting in an uncomfortable chair or standing up will only make you more stressed. get pillows, blanket, all of your equipment and maybe even some candles to make it less stressful. you could maybe even build a cool fort, as long as you get the job done.

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5. reward yourself

the last step, treat yourself after. overcoming procrastination is really hard, and it's so hard to deal with it. if you followed these steps, you deserve to have time to yourself. shop, relax, watch tv, read, whatever suits you.

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i hope this helped. if you tried, and it didn't, there will always be other ways to overcome lots of things. just know that i believe in all of you and believe that you can. ♡ (sorry for being cheesy lmao)