Not all of them, but my most favourite.
Enjoy, darlings! <3

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1.) Game Of Thrones
- Stark house, Bolton house (creepy, i know) are the best

Image by !! love, quotes, and got image game of thrones and got image quotes, game of thrones, and life image

2.) Stranger Things
- Hopper and Steve are so cool

quotes, steve, and stranger things image stranger things, quotes, and mike image stranger things, quotes, and charlie heaton image stranger things, quotes, and steve image

3.) The Simpsons
- Lisa is my soulmate

society, stupid, and simpsons image quotes, cool, and the simpsons image funny, simpsons, and quotes image homer, simpsons, and marge image

4.) The Walking Dead / Fear TWD
- Idk it is no so good anymore, but i still love it

Image removed twd, the walking dead, and quotes image morgan, quote, and the walking dead image people, subtitles, and fear the walking dead image

5.) Anne with an E
- it´s classic, I love everything about Anne

anne shirley, cute, and dianne image anne shirley, cute, and love image funny, true, and anne with an e image anne with an e, quotes, and tv show image

6.) Riverdale
- i mean, the storyline is sometimes stupid, but it is my quilty pleasure

quotes and riverdale image riverdale, cole sprouse, and weird image quotes, riverdale, and jughead image riverdale, quotes, and veronica image

7.) Misfits
- the show ended, but daaamn, it was perfect (and funny)

misfits and nathan young image et, funny, and misfits image shit, misfits, and black and white image quote and misfits image

And that is all my darlings, i hope you had a great day!
See you later! Love ya!
Ema The Boneless ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

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