1. Wash your pillows

Pillows hold bacteria and every night you sleep on your pillow, which can cause irritation and acne. So clean your pillows at least once every two weeks.

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2. Wash your face twice a day ( Skincare )

Exfoliate, wash , moisturize, and clean your face . Make sure to set up a skincare routine for your face. Avoid products that irritate your face , and use natural ingredients and face masks.

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3. Keep your hair tied up

Keep your hair away from your face , cause your hair can irritate your skin. Your hair can also carry bacteria or dead scalp , so make sure when you go to sleep to tie it up. Or when your leaving it out , make sure to wash your hair.

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4. Don't touch your face

Especially when your hands are dirty or filled with grease. Touching my face was one of the ways I had acne. So even if your face fills itchy or something , don't touch it , or just wash your hands before.

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5. Don't pop pimples

I know everyone knows not to do this , cause it will make the situation worse! , make sure to allow a pimple to naturally fade away from your face , don't take matters to your own hands.

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