As a young woman I sometimes struggle to find my place in our big world. I felt ill-at-ease in my way-too-large sweater, my sparkly hilighter and my funky socks ( which by the way I love) and to face off the mean comments that makes me self-conscious I think about all those women that empower other women, ladies, young girls to be themselves. And I’m sure that, if you read this, you have also a strong women that inspire you. This is why for my first article, and in the context where women can finally be heard, I want to share with you: Those Women who inspire me.

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1) Confetti Crowd

Who are they? Just 4 ladies that empower other women. They are my main source of inspiration as I totally identify in their way of living ( and dressing ). Every time I look at their Instagram I am feeling better because there is so much positivity that come from either their written statements or their pictures. They encourage you to follow your dream and be who you want to be, they fight, in their own way, to create a better future for the next girl generation by showing that a girl can create her own business (three of the girl have their own shop and one is a singer) . Moreover they are an inspiration for all the girls ( and boys too) that want to wear the craziest outfit of this world, so you should definitely have a look through their blog ( Confetti Crowd ) if you enjoy colourful outfits.

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2) The Suffragettes

Even if I’m French, I know a bit of the history of the right of vote for women in Great Britain, as 3 years ago I saw the movie “The Suffragettes”. I was deeply moved by this true story of women fighting their entire life to have the right of vote. Imagine if all the women of this world would fight together, and with the same strength as the Suffragettes, to claim their rights to be treated with equality, we could definitely make some great changes.
Thus it is important to remember that women had given their lives to have the right of vote so please ladies, during any type of elections, you have the right to vote, so use it.

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3) Simone Veil

It goes with the Suffragette, because Simone Veil belongs to the history of women in France. For me it is important to mention her in this article. She, as a minister, gave the right of abortion to women, and this right, is today, in danger. We, as women, need to protect this right, even though it seems cruel to stop a pregnancy, in my opinion, it will be way more cruel to give birth to a baby, a little human, that someone doesn’t want. So I will always be grateful to Simone Veil who gave this right, thus permitted to pregnant woman to accept or not to give birth.

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4) Lupita Nyong’o

I don’t know a lot about this woman but she deeply moved me when she was doing her speech on black beauty. I’m a white person who support black people, and this speech make me realized that we still, massively, live in a world with white standard of beauty. But Lupita wanted to tell to all the young colored-skinned girl that they are beautiful and they don’t have to follow the white standard of beauty because they are gorgeous as they are. And that lead me to an expression that we all know: you don’t have to change for someone or for the society. It is true that the world is highly unfair because most of the women in the front cover of magazine are white, but if we support each other perhaps ( I hope so) the established order will change.

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5) Mika Francis

Lastly I want to talk about this woman: Mika Francis. Wild Daze on YouTube, has helped me so much in my journey to support women, and to be confident as a young adult. This girl is so spiritual and so aware of her own problems and she tried her best to live her life to the fullest, that it is nearly impossible to hate her. She makes you aware that you need to enjoy every second of your life because life is too short ( it is a well known phrase and quite vague but it’s true). Just by watching her videos I felt happier and ready to slay my day. I understand, thanks to her, that it is ok to be sad and it is ok to feel lonely even if you are surrounded by the kindest people in the world. We are humans and sometimes our mind is overwhelmed by different emotions, we put too much pressure on our shoulders and sometimes you can’t handle it, and that’s ok. So if you are in this situation where you feel overwhelmed and sad, I highly recommend her videos, she gives advice to help you to overcome those ordeals, and she is so much positive that it illuminates the day.

A last word before ending this article, is that you have to support each other, stop being mean, and try to love more ( of course I’m not asking you to love someone who is racist, homophobe, who hates woman …). Its’ always nice to have a kind word for the shy girl in your class, or to help an old lady in the bus, to say to your girl friends how much they are important for you. And lastly be proud to be a Woman!

I hope you enjoy this article, feel free to tell me who are the women that inspire you.

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Lots of love, and rainbows,

( the french girl who tries to master english grammar)