So I've been into thrifting for a while now and I've been loving it so much!
In this article I'll tell you few tips and tricks for thrift shopping to make it more fun and easier!

Get some inspiration

If you've been on a situation when you're on the store and not actually sure what you want, go to WHI or instagram and just type in Fashion, skirts or whatever you want! That way you know better what you're looking for or what kind of colors you want.

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Check your closet

Before you go thrifting check your closet so you can see if you need more pants or like a new belt so in the store you know what to focus on. Also if you have some old clothes or something you dont use anymore you can leave them in your thrift store to get more space in your closet for new clothes.

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Get everything

I mean if you find something that looks nice but you're not sure If you would like it or if it's really not your style, TRY IT! You cant ever know how it looks on if you dont try it.

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Check mens clothes

Dont be afraid to go to mens section, I find so many cool large t-shirts and hoodies in the mens section. There is usually more brand clothes too.

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Be comfy

It's so annoying when you have tide up shoes or skinny jeans. Wear something that dont make you sweat and something thats easy to take off and put back on.

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Always bring waterbottle with you! I always get so thirsty while thrifting and it's so annoying if I forget to bring water...

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Ok this was everything for now I really hope this was helpfu and you liked it! Please check out my collections.
Happy thrifting!