Hello beautiful people!!!
So as i am writing my first official article I thought i should talk about some stuff that I and girls love or would like to try out!!!
1. Fashion is my life. I love shopping whether its clothes, shoes, jewelry etc...
Everyone tells me that they love my sense of style. I don't even try, I just piece together what's appropriate or what i like to wear and that's all. And that's what you should be doing to. Wear what you either like/love or wear what you feel like you are being yourself, or wear what you most
comfortable in.

2. Beauty/Facial:
I've had quite a few people that I know ask me if I'm wearing foundation and thats why my skin is so clear when I wasn't. I decided to share this with you guys so you can have those questions too.
If you are someone with acne and is ashamed, don't worry it's normal, its life, its puberty. JUST DON'T PICK AT IT. It will cause scars. Something that I use its called "Proactive" and I'm sure you've heard of it. If you already used it and you're saying to yourself it doesn't work...ask yourself how long have you been using it because someone very close to me was using it for a longgggg time and now it doesn't even look like she ever had acne. You must use it for 9 months or more. Give it a chance.
As for people who have clear skin and have breakout points like me, I use proactive, and maybe 1 or 2 times during the week I use this charcoal mask I by from Sephora. The brand is called "Origins" Clear Improvements.

3. Makeup:
For my last point I decided to talk about the makeup brands I use. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup to use the good ones. Not at all. The foundation I use is from Mac. If you are the type to sweat a lot while partying just like me then TRUST ME using this foundation will save your life. This foundation does not smudge or come off and I am never using another foundation again in my life. It costs $34.00 CA and it is sooooo worth it. And as for concealer i don't use it because i don't need it :)
Secondly I use the Sephora mascara. It gives my great volumed lashes. Also my eyes are quite big ever since I was a baby, so for this specific mascara it has a long brush which works perfectly. This mascara cost $16.00CA
Thirdly, my highlighter, I use the one from the Fenty line. I love it soo much. I used the natural pinkish highlight because I don't like extreme dark colours on my face. It costed me $42.00CA
Fourthly, Lipsticks/lipgloss I use different kinds but I love using Matte ones. I bought from the Kylie Jenner cosmetics line and I have to say WOW. For some people it may irritate their lips and make them chapped if you sensitive like a friend of mine who had tried it, but for me they don't get chapped because before putting ANY Matte lipstick on you must put a little chapstick on your lips. I usually do this before applying any makeup to my face so once I'm done, the chapstick has settled into my lips and I can apply my lipstick. It doesn't have to be "Kylie". If you are wondering i bought the Malibu, Kristen, Mary Jo, Koko K (my fav) and Apricot. Of course you can go to the Pharmacy or Walmart and get any other Matte lipsticks, just like I do.

Last but not least, Eyeshadow:
I have to use dark coloured eyeshadow because of my blue eyes, if I don't and use lets say pink, it won't show as much and you will look plain. SO if you have blue eyes you can use colours like purple, or grey, blue, a dark pink, just any dark colours. and please DO NOT buy those big expensive pallets, because trust me you won't even use half the colours on that pallet and it will go to waste. Those are meant for professionals who got from client to client with different coloured eyes. I like to get small pallets eother from N.Y.C line or any other type of line.