Well, I see breakfast on the table

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And I can smell you in the halls.

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Lord knows I'd cry if I was able but that won't get me through tomorrow.

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And no it's not like I was counting or thought that we'd run out of days.

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So I'll be holding onto something,

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Breathing the air you took away.

Image by Wendy

I'll keep a picture of you on the wall, of you on the wall

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And choke on the memories.

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I'll keep a message of you if you call, of you if you call

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And choke on the memories.

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Choke, choke, choke, choke.

Image by Alejandra love, couple, and ring image good morning, morning, and sun image good night and bright star image

Well, I've been looking for some new words to say just how you got to me.

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I wrote some letters that I might burn cause then you're not just history.

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And I see your clothes in the closet,

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I hear your phone ring in the drawer. I'm not hoping for an answer,

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I'm just knocking at your door.

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'Choke' by One Republic

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