Hey everyone! This is my first article hehe.
So as the title says i'd like to introduce some food or recipes i love to eat and recommend you to try them out :)


So first i'd like to explain how my journey went to eat healthy and to be fit.
Well, I tried to be healthier in 2017, but there were some days were I just gave up and craved sugary food so much I couldn't resist. I always struggled with chocolate bars after lunch. But at the end from december 2017 something just popped and I decided to eat healthier: No easy carbs anymore, no chocolate bars, no fried food and less unhealthy fats. Instead MORE fruits, MORE veggies, MORE complex carbs, MORE healthy fats and working out regularly. So as unrealistic it may sound, but I just did it. I ate SO much. But healthy. SO many fruits and veggies went through my gut u don't know lol.
And I actually have a lot of fun. I created a passion for healthy cooking its really fun and I'm kind of disappointed in me, how I missed this my whole life.
Anyways leggoooo:

The first fruits are: DATES. If you never tried them because they look kind of disgusting.. well u wrong lol.
Dates are incredible sweet and creamy and are packed with complexe carbs, fiber and minerals. They kind of remember me at choclate and honey. Dates do taste AMAZING with oats and banana. I gurantee, youll love it.

The next recipe is a green smoothie. Well I never really liked green smoothies. If I'd drink a smoothie (Which I rarely did), it would be like red because of the strawberries. But green smoothies, ugh.
So when I did this I was like 'WTH DO U COME FROM JESUS' KITCHEN?'
So yeah, I loved it! I mean I still do!
So thats what you need:
1 Banana
1 Orange
1 hand full of spinach
1 prise of black seeds (they're really good for health, but they taste rly bitter so make sure you dont take a lot if u dont like the taste)
1 tsp of sesam seeds

Instruction: Blend until you like the consistency.

You don't have to add the seeds if you don't want to.
If you add some blueberries, it'll taste good too.

This recipe was actually inspired by Aileen Xu, a youtuber, musician and artist of life (go check her out she has an amazing soul and heart). She used papaya instead of the oranges and added no seeds.

I know these weren't a lot of recipes, because im just at the beginning of my health journey, but ill keep you on track, if I found something delicious to eat. I would definitely recommend you guys eat A LOT of vegetables and fruits because they actually really prevent craving for unhealthy food and make you realize that these do actually taste a lot more better thank junk. Or earth has so much precious to offer, don't skip that and appreciate those.

Stay tuned.

Loads of love. x