Hello guys, welcome to this article about (my friends on whi ) ,
First , i have been on whi since june 2015 and i didn’t start knowing people on whi until july 2017 ,
This was the month we created the group and we all began to join and number of the members increased till it reach 24 , in this article i will mention the people i talk to from time to time ,not all people i know in whi cause they are a lot :

1/ (Sabine)


I put her in the first cause she is the first one i talked to on whi , and that was a year ago , before that it wasn’t my habit to make new friends or say hi to anyone , in addition to her beautiful and lovely acc , she has a beautiful character and nice , and she loves making new friends and discovering new accs , and also creator , so she started the idea of making the group and add new people furthermore, her articles is useful and nice Message her and you won’t regret that and this is my fav article to her :


2/ Kelly


I discovered her acc when she mentioned my name in her article (my fav hearters : top 5 ) and i was in this list then i checked her acc and it gets my admiration cause it was organised, and good themed , so i messaged her and thanked her and we began being friends especially when she joined wtr , and she is a good writer too , she has like 39 article till now and all of them is nice and this is my fav article to her :


3/ Michel


If i kept talking about her i will never finish cause her acc is from the best accs on whi in my opinion , and i met her for the first time in wtr group and i don’t know why i loved her without talking much it’s just happened , she is cool , friendly,helpful and loves her family and everyone on whi , i wish her good luck in her life , and also this is my fav article to her :


4/ Athena


Although she isn’t a member in wtr , but i love talking to her i feel she is thoughtful , a person who appreciate life and thanks god for it , and when i was offline from whi because of my exams , when i came back the first one i talked to was her cause i felt i miss her i don’t know why , i just like her and her acc to , i wish we be like that forever , and in the first she was afraid to write her first article , but i encouraged her and my fav one is:


5/ Naemi


She created her acc since 7/7/2017
And this date is special lol, and i followed her after two or three weeks after she created it as i remember , and we didn’t talk until she became a member of wtr , and i saw that she is a nice person to talk to , also her acc is from the accs i check everyday , and she deserved being a heartist , i support her and her acc , and sure i have also a fav article to her :


Those was the people i talk to regularly not everyday but i hope to , but sure there’s another people who are my friends , but we don’t talk much like:
Kim @music_infinity
india @fiftyshadesofhearts
farida @fkeworld
Ella @michy9073
Olivia @solfori
Ana @soundmind
Devita @devaletin
Axelina @axelinaaxelina
Megan @thebadbitchxo
Lotte @blxxming
kristen @miles_to_smile
Dulce @nonsenscia
Elodie @cupidfied
Miu @richyouth
Sammy @velvet_night
Ivana @xxhoneymoon
Nicole @tangledtruth

All of them are my friends too , i wish them a happy life and good luck for them ,and i don’t mind having more so text me anytime , and at the end thanks we heart it for allowing me to meet these beautiful people

see you soon
Alaa xx