i've been loving this trend ever since it was popularised by stranger things, and i'm no expert but here's my take on 80s fashion!

1. jean jackets

there's no doubt that jean jackets have made their comeback! light-wash ones have more of that 80s vintage feel, in my opinion, especially when they're oversized. there are just so many variations on them too (shearling-lined, distressed) and i think they're really staple pieces for an 80s inspired wardrobe

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2. a-line skirts

these are skirts that are, like denim jackets, making a comeback! there are also so many different types of a-line skirts - jean skirts give off more of a casual vibe, while corduroy ones are a little more formal - and it's all about the silhouette that it gives. for a more updated look, you would try one of those with laces on the front for a more grunge-y look.

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3. striped shirts

there's something about striped shirts that are so 80s? plus they're very versatile, and can be easily paired with all sorts of bottoms! i especially love those in warmer tones like dark yellow, tan and cream, because i think they give off more of an 80s vibe. more so cropped tops, because they accentuate the waist.

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4. collars

ok, this may not be that popular because polos were in style in, like, 2005, but collared shirts were a really key part of 80s fashion. i think it gives of a lot more of a 'preppy' vibe, so if you're looking for some 80s, grunge collared shirts are probably not the way to go. but i love the style of the collars peeking out of a sweater - think it gives off such a cute, kind of good-girl feel!

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5. pants

80s fashion was the height of denim. the most famous type of denim would probably be mom jeans, since it's been majorly popularised by the media. bell-bottoms would have carried over from the 1970s as well, but maybe in more adventurous prints?

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last but not least, patterns and textures!

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ok, so this is what i make of 80s fashion - i hope you guys got some tips on how fashion in the 80s was like, and happy styling!