Hi! Are you looking for TV shows that will totally keep you up all night? Well,here are the TV shows that I'm currently watching and the ones that totally make me go "just one more episode" until it's over.

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1. Good behavior

What's a more interesting love story than a serial killer and a nymphomaniac meeting while doing their job and falling in love? And believe me,it gets much more complicated.

gif, alternative, and aesthetic image like, love, and good behavior image like, love, and good behavior image alternative, grunge, and question image

2. The bold type

I promise you this TV show about 3 best friends that work for the same magazine will put a smile on your face but also make you shed a tear. And the ending of it will finish you. I had to watch it again.

boss, the bold type, and aisha dee image gif, the bold type, and katie stevens image gif, jane, and sutton image gif and the bold type image

3. Bull

Dr. Jason Bull is and his team are using psychology to understand jurors, lawyers and use that to help their client win. Trust me on this one. If you love psychology you'll love this show.

bull image bull and tv show image bull image Image by elenaveljanoska

4. The end of the fucking world

James, who is a psychopath, and his girlfriend Alyssa run away and go on a road trip to find Alyssa's father. And James is planing how to murder his first victim, Alyssa. It's wild.

james, Alyssa, and teotfw image gif and alex lawther image Alyssa and james image james, netflix, and the end of the f world image

5. Once upon a time

Imagine all your favorite villains and heroes from all your favorite childhood stories in one TV show. It's even better than it sounds. And the whole theme,scenery is just amazing. And it's also amazing how someone could came up with the idea of perfectly connecting all those stories.

once upon a time and snow white image belle and ️ouat image Jennifer Morrison, once upon a time, and captain hook image ️ouat image

Thank you for reading! ♥