Hey sweethearts it's been a while !
I spend a lot of time to focus on school, on my instagram acc because i have 3 accounts...
So today i'm here with a look challenge based about Stranger Things because we're a lot of people to like this serie, right ? Moreover it can be really fun.

Monday :

bandana, clothes, and coachella image girl, fashion, and aesthetic image bandana, smokey eyes, and red image black girl, 90s, and bandana image
wear a bandana like Lucas, simple for the first day of the challenge

Tuesday :

book, girl, and vintage image yellow, aesthetic, and outfit image fashion, style, and yellow image jeans, fashion, and girl image
wear a stripped T-shirt, a colored one is better to look like Mike

Wednesday :

fashion, beautiful, and boho image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image blouse, button, and chic image grunge, vintage, and hipster image
wear a shirt like Will, it can be really beautiful with a high waisted jeans

Thursday :

fashion, style, and outfit image tumblr, aesthetic, and grunge image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image
wear a fur jacket like this,if possible a brown to look like Nancy's one

Friday :

millie bobby brown, eleven, and stranger things image beauty, dress, and glam image dress, fashion, and pink image pink, fashion, and dress image
wear a pink dress like Eleven in the first season if possible with a denim jacket

Saturday :

jacket, sporty, and red image nike, fashion, and outfit image adidas, fashion, and yellow image nike, red, and ghetto image
wear a sport jacket like Max, if possible a red one

Sunday :

stranger things, grunge, and alternative image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image Mature image
for the last day wear a simple denim jacket like billy, i know he's such an assh**e but i like him, oops?

So this challenge is finish don't forget to take picture of your outfits, i hope you like it !
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Bye see you soon.