Here I am collecting some reasons why breastfeeding is recommended. This might seem like a weird topic, but it is important. I am mostly writing this for myself to remember things I have learned from school (I study midwifery). But maybe some of you might also find this interesting or useful.

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Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended till the baby is 6 months old. And after that breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years. (WHO) In Finland breastfeeding with complementary foods is recommended up to one year, but of course mothers can continue breastfeeding after that if they like.



  • Helps physically mother to recover from birth
  • Helps mother to get her weight back to normal
  • Might help preventing ovarian cancer and before the menopause breast cancer
  • Some new studies has recovered that breastfeeding might also have a positive effect on children´s weight control and blood pressure
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  • Breast milk has all the nutrients the child needs and the nutrients are in a right form so they are effectively absorbed and exploited
  • If the mother has a good diet and eats enough good fats, breast milk has plenty of essential fatty acids
  • Breast milk is important for the development of the child's nervous system and vision
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  • Breast milk contains a number of substances that protect the baby from inflammatory diseases and diarrhea
  • It promotes the development of gastrointestinal tract (especially babies with premature birth)


  • It establish a relationship of affection
  • Breastfeeding promotes the natural and firm connection between mother and child
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  • It is an affordable alternative for both families and society
  • Breastfeeding is environmentally friendly option

Thank you for reading! - Roosa