HAI BABES!! Y'all know and understand how important it is to have a positive outlook on life & sometimes life can throw some cray cray things at you to challenge that. These are my top 5 tips for staying positive, finding inspiration and staying motivated af!
♡ XO lara

One of my favourite tips to stay motivated and inspired is to try new things and push yourself to go outside your comfort zone. So whether it's getting outdoors more, exploring new things or trying a new sport or hobby, it can really push you to its fullest and in the meantime you might even discover a new hidden talent or passion that you might not have known about! So grab a friend and try out a new hiking trail or go check out your local flea market, the possibilities are literally endless

So sometimes all you need to untarnish the positivity in your life is a new change of scenery. Something as small as giving your room a makeover and changing up the colour palette to something brighter with happier vibes can totally transform your everyday feelings. And this doesn't have to be super expensive, something about me is that I live for my cute af DIY room decor so get your DIY on and make your room your place of happy vibes.

This next one can honestly make a huge change in your motivation and happiness. So if there's something you've been putting off like maybe even wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and get fit but you've been pushing it back farther and farther, it's time to do it. When we have goals that haven't been reached, they hang above us and can seriously weigh us down. You have no idea how good it feels to finally reach them, even just making small strides in the right direction can make a world of difference.

Next is go on adventures! Explore and take every opportunity that's presented to you to travel, even if it's a mini road trip with friends to a nearby lake or a weekend at a cottage or even just an indoor campout sleepover with your best friends, adventures make life interesting and open you up to a world of new experiences. Take pictures, laugh a tonne and make memories you'll never forget. You definitely don't want to grow old wishing you had done this and taken that opportunity to do that.

And this last one has been so key for me to stay motivated and inspired to do better and just do more. There's something about writing a goal down that makes it official and just like establishes a tone and I'm like yep this is totally something I'm gonna do and I'm gonna kill this. It can be anything from fitness goals to travel goals to personal improvement or school related goals and with this particular tip, you can choose to write down your goals on cute cards and hang them up on a piece of twine, so it's not only some really cute room decor but a visual reminder of each goal.

Anyways love ya boss babes, mwah xx