You made me drunk on love
your eyes, your hands, your touch
I'm so high, what have you done
I remember how our love, much like morning birds, sung

Every night, windows open
we loved with all that we had
shedding tears and sweat of love
We were sick in the head, wet, messy, mad

"Call me by your name" you said
"Elio, Elio, Elio" I whispered in the dark
We knew very well
that our love was now tattooed on to our hearts

And never again, did I smell my sheets
without feeling the warmth of your skin
picturing the way we coated every inch with our love
this room, that had crystalized in time, in the bed we slept in

Your lips - soft like peach's fuss
Your body - sculpted like statues of glass
your touch - smooth like the lake that belonged to us
your tongue - warm like the sun kissed grass

Our love was too perfect for this world
so pure, so raw and so true
Oh, what wouldn't I do, to kiss you again?
To relive what we had that summer, me and you?

Every step I took, every thought I had
Every breathe I moaned and every grain of sand
I stepped so lightly, with a heart so heavy, on our beach
Forever more crying salty tears, that tastes like fresh, sweet peach