Here are 17 short tips on school, studying and exams to help you do your best.

1. Re read essays in a different font

If you change the font from the one you wrote the essay in to a different one it makes it easier to spot spelling mistakes.

2. Use a planner

A planner is pretty much essential during the years where you have exams. You can use it to keep track of homework, important events, exam dates and you can even use it to plan what you're going to study and when.

3. Take breaks when studying

This tip is also an essential. Most school classes are around 40 minutes to an hour as that is usually how long someone can concentrate for. Study for as long as your school periods last and then TAKE A BREAK!!! It helps keep you refreshed and focused.

4. Memorizing

A good way to memorise is to read it, write it and say it aloud as many times as necessary.

5. Exercise before an exam

Exercising increases brain power so going for a walk or doing some stretches before an exam should help.

6. Reward yourself

Tell yourself that if you study however much it is that you want to study you can watch an episode of your favourite tv show, or you can eat some cake or make some tea etc.

7. Watch documentaries

This applies more to the sciences and social subjects ( biology, physics, geography, history... ) but watching documentaries where possible could help you understand a topic more.
When learning a language it might help to watch a movie as listening to a foreign language and trying to translate it in your head is something most language learners struggle with.

8. Eat food

You can't concentrate when hungry. Before school, studying or an exam eat a big, healthy breakfast that'll give you bundles of energy.

9. Sleep

DO NOT stay up the night before an exam. You need to sleep to be able to concentrate on the exam the next day. There's no point staying up all night revising the topic of the exam if you wont be able to focus enough during it to remember anything. Get a good night's sleep so you feel refreshed and ready the next morning.

10. Scents and Tastes

Scents and tastes are great at jogging your memory. When possible chew an unfamiliar flavour of chewing gum or spray a strange smell when studying and do the same during the exam.
What works for me is spraying a perfume during studying that I dont normally wear and then spraying it on my body and wrist before the exam.

11. Study groups !!

Study groups are important. Studying alone is great because you can reach your maximum focus but studying in groups is also helpful as you can ask questions easily, and get a quicker and better answer than you would over text or over the phone.

12. Colour your notes

Dont be afraid to make your notes bright and colourful, it'll pay off. Making your notes colourful can make them easier to remember during an exam

13. Mnemonics

Mnemonics make everything easier to understand. Whether its for the order of the planets (My Very Easy Method Just Simplifies Us Naming Planets) or even the colours in a rainbow (Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain).

14. Repeat

Studying something once isn't enough. You need to study it over and over again throughout the year to get it in your head.

15. Create a cheat sheet

Pretend that in the exam you are going to use a cheat sheet. Write down everything you need to put on the cheat sheet despite the fact you will never use it. This helps as it gets you to go through your notes and pick out the important parts or the parts you know you wont remember. You can then use this information to figure out what you need to focus on most when studying.

16. Study the important stuff before the exam

Just before you head into the exam hall, study what you know you want remember. Whether its a couple physics formulas, French words or key quotes for English, revise it just before going in and, once in the hall, write it lightly on the exam paper. You can use this as a reference throughout the exam as you know it is correct.

17. Take notes as though they were for someone else

When taking notes, pretend you are taking them to give to someone else. This will make you want to go into detail and make them easy to read, helping you months later when you have forgotten all of it.

I hope this article helped and good luck on your exams !!

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