Sometimes we want that our phone look good and have good apps but we don't know how do that, so i'm going to help you with that here.

Photos: if you want good apps about editation and filters and all of that you can use VSCO, for real i think that is the best app because there you can do everything, the app has many effects and there you can correct the shape, cut what you want, etc..

filter, vsco, and instagram image

Appearance: if you want to have a pretty wallpaper, or i don't know, you want to have many images tumblr and cutes you can use of course these, WE HEART IT and PINTEREST both of them are a perfect idea to have a beautiful phone

app, pinterest, and crafts image

Social Media: About social networks the most famous are like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and snapchat and actually all of them has like the same functions that are upload images, talk with your friends, put what you think, put some pictures that are called histories that are going to stay in your profile during 24 hours

Videos and movies: To conclude i'm going to talk about two specific apps that are Youtube and Netflix, in these apps you can watch movies, listen to music, watch videos or things like that.

article, netflix, and tv show image
i hope you like it, bye.