Hello and welcome to the very first article of the 'Overcoming Insecurity & Anxiety' Series.

*This series will be full of devotinal content. I wanted to do this for a while know since I believe that all things are possible through Christ. So of course these advices and information will be based on scriptures.

Today, we are going to talk about the biblical truths and how to overcome your insecurity. In order to be able to feel secure, you have to know your worth and identity in Christ. So let's get started!

Try to say this:

I am worthy. I am valued. I am royalty and there is NO ONE like me.

According to Dictionary Insecurity is the 'lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt'. This lack of confidence is caused by past mistakes, struggles, failure etc. Instead of focusing on maintaining a positive mindset and/ or letting the past go, we let the negative emotions, things people say about us and the lies of the enemy manifest in our hearts.

Insecurity does not only rob you from your joy and happiness but also keeps you from fulfilling your God given purpose.

But why are we feeling insecure? Did you forget you are fearfully and wonderfully made?

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The bible says that every place where you set your foot on, the Lord will give it to you. (Joshua 1:3) And the Scriptures also tell us that 'Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.' (Romans 10:11)

So if you feel like you or your gifts are not enough or not as important as the gifts of others, rebuke it. Do not give these thoughts a chance to make you feel bad about yourself. Trust what the words says about you. If your in a situation where you feel like you lacking experience, lean into his. Remember that He loved you first. He loves you just like you are. He will not leave your side nor forsake you, so rest in his promises. There is no need for you to put yourself under pressure.

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I remember one day I came home with a medal. I got it from school for 'commendable behaviour and extra-curricular activities'. I felt very special when I saw that my parents put it on the wall in the living room. But after a time my brother came home with two trophies. Even though nobody said anything I made myself believe that my medal lost its value and so did I. Of course it was not the case. Someone else's success does not rob you of anything nor does it make your success invalid or less amazing.

Every single one of us is important and we do not have to earn God's love (not to mention the fact that there is nothing we could offer him). He took his time making you (Psalm 139) so there is no chance that you are mistake or less worthy than your classmate, neighbour or anyone else.

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When you embrace your value and your God given purpose in life, you will be able to walk in strength and confince. And because the enemy will take notice, he will try to discourage you. Sometimes in form of poeple trying to discourage or limitate you. But do not feel insecure because of the opinions of others!

Put on the armor of God (ephesians 6) and start praying. There will be times you feel weak and weary but you can find shelter and safety in prayer and meditating on His word. The moment you recognize God as the source of your strength you will be able to fight your insecurities and eventually put them to sleep. So work in His strenght and overcome your insecurities one by one.

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Pray: Father, from the bottom of my hard I want say 'Thank You'. Thank you for making me wonderful and unique and thank you for loving me from the beginning. Thank you for still loving me and staying at my side even though you know all my flaws. I pray that you will give me the strength to fight all my insecurities and to put them to sleep so I will be able to fulfill the purpose you gave me. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

And that's it for today! Thanks for reading!

Buckle Up and have a nice day. And don't forget you are loved.
First Series
- Ruthy