I'm really picky when it comes to favorite songs or artists. I think it's because I need to connect with the song. The lyrics has to speak to me, needs to have a meaning to me. Tove Lo always means something to me, I relate a lot with her songs.
In my opinion she's underapreciated. Her voice is great and her lyrics are always so deep and meaningful. I admit that I didn't like her at first. I remember listening to her first album like three times before it hit me like "oh I relate to that, this song could literaly be about me."
So prepare yourselves because this list is a long one.

Hope your enjoy!

Queen Of The Clouds (Blueprint Edition)

Image by ~Pretty Woman~
  • Talking Body;
"Day drunk into the night
Wanna keep you here
Cause you dry my tears
Yeah, summer lovin' and fights
How it is for us"
  • Moments;
"I'm broken. I never did anything right. I'm fucked up."
"I grew up with a lot of dreams
Plans who to be
None of them none were mine"
  • The Way That I Am;
"Fallen in love
And I know I can't change me
Do you understand?"
"I've been told I am the problem
And the problem's my honesty
When it's worse than how it seems
And I tell you all the wrong things
All the things you don't wanna hear
'Cause they change your perfect dream"
  • Thousand Miles;
"Fading away, when you're drunk and alone
Can't see my face in your heart anymore
Telling yourself you don't feel like before"
  • Habits (Stay High);
"I get home, I got the munchies
Binge on all my Twinkies
Throw up in the tub
Then I go to sleep
And I drank up all my money
Dazed and kinda lonely"
"Staying in my play pretend
Where the fun ain't got no end"
  • This Time Around;
"I used to take your breath away
I used to make your laugh about anything
I used to be your getaway
Your getaway, your dream
I was everything you needed"
"You used to lean your eyes on me
You used to open up and share your world
You used to loose yourself in me
Let the hours pass all running by so fast but now"
"You said I was the missing part
Looked into my eyes said
"You're my fix for life"
  • Out Of Mind;
"Happy, used to be
Together, you and me
Things die, drift apart
Wait for, a new start"
Think you'll fade away
Keep lying
I can hear you say"

Lady Wood

album cover, Lyrics, and music image
  • Lady Wood;
"I know what people say about you
They say the same about me
I don't care if it's all true
I want you hanging with me"
"Rumors are their only friends
Spread that shit around's what turns them on
Oh, they can't believe I take you home"
  • True Disaster;
"Keep playing my heartstrings faster and faster
You can be just what I want, my true disaster"
  • Vibes (ft. Joe Janiak);
"Break away
All the things stopping me from letting go
Temperature is taking hold
Heart beating faster and faster
I'll be your (you'll be my) brand new disaster
But I don't know
Seems like what you're looking for"
  • Don't Talk About It;
"Don't talk about it
Sweep it under the rug like we do, do
Don't talk about it
If you're sitting with us, then you're in too
We don't talk about it
Your medallion's blindin' your mind too
Know you're loving the highs
You get in-between the lines of a life you don't need"
  • Flashes;
"People come, I push them away
People talk, I know what they say"

Blue Lips (lady wood phase II)

Abusive image
  • dont ask, dont tell;
"And baby, don't ask, then don't tell
Already know you're fucked up
And it's cool with me
My past and don't ask and don't tell
No need to share too much"
  • clycles;
"Fallin' again, and don't understand
Never my plan, nah"
"You're afraid (yeah)
The way I love you now and my love in the past are the same
And the things that I say are exactly what I used to tell them
And that really hurts me, but I know, mmm"
  • hey, you got drugs?
"Pain from the past like a small piece of glass in my heart
This should be the time of my life
You fucking made it your deal, your deal
And I keep dancin' away
Cause it's all fun and games 'til its real"