background info: i am a mixed girl, i experience people saying "you look white", "theres no way you can be mixed" daily. i relate to these songs, not every mixed person may; these are just my experiences, don't get offended
p.s: a lot of these songs are gonna be by logic xD

"i'm just as white as that mona lisa, i'm just as black as my cousin keisha"
black spiderman by: logic

"damn my skins fair but life's not"
africaryan by: logic

"if it was 1717, black daddy, white mommy wouldn't change a thing"
everybody by: logic

"ain't it fun, living in the real world"
ain't it fun by: paramore

"i know the issue of my race ain't gonna be the last"
mixed feelings by: logic

_"everybody trying to tell me what i am and what i am not"
take it back by: logic

"i'm a new soul"
new soul by: yael naim

"i'm not angry anymore... well sometimes i am"
i'm not angry anymore by: paramore