“ When a year goes, we promise the coming one
Will be better.
shouldn’t we strive for always be a better person?
Not just every year, but every second.
Why is the beginning of a year the perfect time to start afresh?
Every morning when the sun rises, there lays an opportunity.
Take it!
When you open your eyes and take a deep breath, you have the power to start over.
Do it!
After you cried because your heart is tired.
Give it a rest!
At 2:00 am when you can’t sleep.
Plot the change your life needs!
THAT moment is the perfect time to start making a change.
You want to change the world?
Start with yourself.
Be the plot twist you want your life to have.
Don’t wait for the next year to make a change.
Look at the clock!
It’s the time to begin
Even if it seems that you’re losing it,
That the year is ending,
and you don’t see the turn of events.
Don’t ever give up.
While you’re alive, there’s an opportunity to start over.
Stop writing about the change people crave to see.
First change your world, then write about how you did it.
2018 is the year of that change you’ve been wanting.
Are you reading this in 2020? 2026?
Begin now!