Hello, so first of all I don't really have fears, except my anxiety which does all the job. Well, I still came out with some things I'm scared of, so let's start. (Like last time, sorry for any grammar mistakes.)

I'm scared of being touched

I've never really been touched in my life, rarely hug and all, so maybe that's why it's scaring me. I discover it because last time someone touched my shoulder and I totally froze and my hearts was beating super fast, hard to describe anyway hate being touched and scared when somebody touches me.

Adult life

I'll be 18 soon and Tuesday 23 I have an interview for a job, around May I'll buy (well my mom) an apartment/house to start living on my own. Even though I've waited for it for so long, it scares me. Like 'will I find a job', 'will I make enough money', 'will I do well by myself' I'm a very independent type but that still scares me.

Leaving my mom

I don't want to leave my mom alone, well she won't be alone, right away at least, 'cause my big sister still lives with us, but around September she'll probably enter a school and I don't know, it's hard to explain. If my sister leaves the house, I'll probably find an excuse to return live with my mom. Actually I hate living with people, I wanted to live alone since I'm 6, but I knew at that time it was impossible for me to survive without my parents I've waited a lot but now I'm scared to leave anyone behind.