Hi Guys, Girls, Ladies, Gentlemen!!! I decided to be adventurous this year 2018 of course in my own way and participate in the 30 day writing challenge. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will ☺

1. F A M I L Y
I believe having a strong foundation in my own life is very important. When I need a shoulder to cry on, someone to lean on, or someone to have fun with my familia (family) will be there. They make me smile even through the saddest moments in my life. I am not saying they don't get on my nerves because oh boy! They do! but that's family.

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2. Y O U T U B E
Just like many new things I am doing this year I decided to start creating youtube videos. All the videos I have done so far are memories with the closest people to me. I am enjoying every second of it! I would love it even more if my WeHeartIt family would join as well!! (The link to my first two videos are in the "• My Pics •" collection)

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3. T H E J U M P I N G B E A N
The Jumping Bean is a coffee place my boyfriend currently discovered. The coolest part about this is that it's inside the train station which you would automatically think it's noisy. I swear to you it isn't, this coffee place that has now become my sanctuary is in its own place. Everything in there feels so cozy, warm, and don't get me started with the people in it, I LOVE IT!!

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4. B O Y F R I E N D
So typical of me, I know but it's true. He's my best friend. Every time I am around him I'm laughing and having the time of my life. From the beginning of our relationship we made a tradition where we try to go watch a movie at the movie theater every two weeks. He really makes me HAPPY ♥

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5. M Y D O G
Her name is Nala, she is more than just my dog, she's my best friend! My baby is everything to me. She is the cutest little thing, she's a teacup sized chihuahua just in case anyone was wondering. She gets into her only little mischieves but I still love her. She is an incredible part of my happiness ☀

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6. M U S I C
As many of you may already know music is relaxing, fun, emotional, etc.... To me it is a way to let all emotions out by singing although I am not a good singer. I like listening to any kind of genre and be happy. Well except for those really sad songs out there, they're great but not when I'm trying to feel happy.

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7. D R A W I N G
One of my most favorite hobbies to do not just because I am actually good at it. I am passionate about drawing because it is my way of relieving stress. I don't do it much anymore but I am hoping to get back into it this year.

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8. A D V E N T U R E
Discovering new places here where I live in Chicago is exciting. For instance going to Navy Pier, the museums, or the malls in downtown is fascinating.

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9. F O O D
Oh my Gosh! My favorite topic ever....Food! I can never have enough of any kind, especially when it's spicy food. I love anything with a little flame not just because I'm Mexican although I feel like that makes a huge difference. So far I have tried food from India, Puerto Rico, and Brazil to name a few. They were all amazing!! Desserts are a whole different story♡

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10. S H O P P I N G
I saved the best for last, just kidding. I enjoy shopping whether it's for clothes, home decor items, plants, or shoes. Recently I started shopping for items, that weren't just for myself, but for others such as my boyfriend or my dog. What makes me happier is watching the way they react towards my gift and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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That was fun. I discovered a few more things about myself that I didn't know made me happy. I guess I can now add them to my list. You guys should think about participating and join me in this journey. Hope you all are having an amazing rest of your day or a beautiful beginning of the day wherever it is you are. Sending positive vibes your way, xo elipoise.

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