day twenty-five: think of any word. search it on google images. write something inspired by the 11th image.

she watched from the window. her favourite spot in the whole house. believe it or not, this was one thing that was her list, when it came to buying this apartment. this window sill, was home to all of her daydreams.

back in reality, she glanced over her shoulder. he looked so peaceful. it was the one night this week he had actually been able to make it through the night. the nightmares had come back. the nightmares haunted his every waking moment. it was hard for him, to even go about his daily activities without looking over his shoulder. so sleep was definitely out of the question.

but tonight, well it was different. sleep came to him so easily. it was effortless, it seemed like it was the norm. why was that? what could have possibly changed? whatever it was, it finally allowed him a moment of quietness.

he looked so calm, so beautiful. why would anything try to hurt him?