Nowadays I just feel weak, not physically weak but mentally weak. I am not ill, I am actually really healthy but I am unhappy. That is probably why I feel like this. I have been unhappy for a long time and I have suffered so much that I can’t take it anymore.

This year I promised myself that I would do everything I can to finally be happy. I convinced myself that if I was kind, if I stayed positive, if I was truly myself, if I followed my dreams and fight for my goals, then I will find happiness and friendship in my way. However, every day is like waking up on the top of a mountain and seeing all your enemies throwing arches at you. Obviously, after that, I bleed. There was a time I was capable to handle all this pain and to cure my wound. Now I can’t.I am so fragile because I am trying really hard to be happy and everyday people I know leave me and hurt me. I am working hard for myself, but I can’t see the results.

I believe that happiness is a road. This road is a journey and you live experiences that, not only make you grow as a person but also make you happy and complete. Maybe all I am feeling now is a step to find peace in my mind. Still, I am so alone and unhappy.

Sometimes I just want a friend that feels the same as I do. That is why I wrote this because I want at least somebody to know how I feel.

I am sorry if there are some grammatical splits, I am not English.